Custom eLearning Development

Whether you are looking to develop trainings that help your new hires settle quickly, increase product knowledge among your employees, or train on new industry regulations and practices?

Our experienced team of instructional designers and content integrators are on ground to work with you to design quality and engaging trainings that depict your brand, speak your organization’s language and have a greater impact on learners’ retention

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One Development - Multiple Delivery Channels

Our final developed eLearning courses are not LMS dependent i.e they can be deployed to learners with or without a learning management system – LMS in place.

The courses can be deployed through multiple channels/platforms:

  • Web (Hosting directly online)
  • Intranet Portal
  • Mobile Devices

We ensure large and complex learning materials are broken into small and individual modules to encourage individual learning.

Breaking large courses up into “bite size” modules allow the learner to gather small bits of information at once. This can reduce content overload, and give learners the ability to actually absorb the lesson.

With microlearning, learners can:

  • learn without disrupting their normal work routine
  • learn and focus on a section of the course per time
  • be enrolled to subsets of a larger course
Engaging Videos

Everyone loves to watch videos

Let us bring your training to live by creating video contents that capture your learners’ attention. Our well-crafted learning videos can be used to explain processes, increase product awareness and knowledge and software simulation. The videos can either be stand alone or packaged with other types of learning content.

Our in-house team are ready to work with you to evaluate your training objectives and create videos that engage learners and get the right message across to your learners.

Gamified Learning

We believe that learning should be fun.

Gamified learning provides learners the much needed motivation to embrace individual learning. The competitive and rating elements (badges, leaderboards, scores, levels) of gamified learning have been proven to enhance course completion rates among learners.

Our gamification service transforms eLearning into gamified experiences by using achievement badges, scores, leaderboards, point systems, and quests.

These game elements are all integrated to help the learner achieve their learning objectives and goals.

Our custom developed courses can be used to address a wide range of training requirements such as:
  • Product Knowledge
  • New Hire Onboarding
  • Sales & Performance
  • HR & Regulatory Compliance
  • Workplace Safety
  • Organizational Policies & SOP
  • Software Simulation & Systems Training