Promote Individual Learning Culture In Your Organization

.........allow employees learn at a pace comfortable for them

Central Learning Management System

Whether you are looking for a high impact bespoke eLearning solution or a blended learning approach; our innovative Central Learning Management System (C-LMS) will allow your organization to manage and deliver a comprehensive training program that includes both self-paced, online learning as well as instructor-led trainings.

Central Learning Management System (C-LMS) is not only highly configurable but it's built to empower learners and administrators alike to take control of workplace learning. It extracts essential data on learner access, take up and performance to help you analyse effectiveness and return-on-investment.

kodek Learning Management Systems-LMS

Custom eLearning Course Development

Whether you are looking to develop trainings that help your new hires settle quickly, increase product knowledge among your employees, or train on new industry regulations and practices?

Our experienced team of instructional designers and content integrators are on ground to work with you to design quality and engaging trainings that depict your brand, speak your organization’s language and have a greater impact on learners’ retention.

Off-The-Shelf eLearning Courses

We offer a wide range of Off-The-Shelf eLearning courses on a competitive unit based, and one-off pricing system. Our partnerships with leading catalog providers allow us to offer you a range of more than 1500 courses; all of which can be delivered through your LMS.

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